Does Self-Esteem Rise With Designer Handbags?

The manner in which people view themselves involves a mix of socially acceptable factors that can be construed as either positive or negative depending on one’s viewpoint. Unfortunately, a comfort zone in between these two extremes is rare. There is no comfort zone where the average person, particularly a female person, can just be happy with herself, her place in society, or among her peers and

Add to this the subjective opinions that can rarely be explained even by the opinion holder and are usually influenced strongly by the individual’s circle of friends and the outside factors that also add their influence. A simple article of clothing or accessory found to be the must-have trend of the moment among one group can be viewed by another as false pride and a total waste of money.

A woman can spend hundreds of dollars on a dress, spend hours in front of the mirror seeking her ideal of perfection, “waste” hours preparing for a party, finally ensuring that the mirror shows her exactly who she wants to be, only to be met at her hostess’s door with a pained look and a polite smile.

Been there? Yeah, I thought so. I think we all have, at one point or another. Unless you’re brought up in a home in which the ins and outs of fashion are stressed, chances are you’ve developed your own style. Whether that style necessarily jives with society’s idea of what’s technically fashionable and in style…well. That can be a very, very different story.

In recent years fashion designers have gained prominence in everything from business suits to sunglasses to bed sheets and have made it simpler for women to find the look they want because of the vast selection out there from which to choose. Designer labels on clothing and accessories for both men and women have led people to feel that if they buy these designers goods, they can’t miss in the socially acceptable fashion world. It even goes farther, the person wearing the fashions with the fine designer label is ensured that they themselves are socially acceptable and attractive.

Unlike several years ago, just about everyone today can locate the item they are searching for in the style that is acceptable to them and to society at large. Weird, isn’t it? An item that fits you and the A-list who decide what is in and what is out in fashion today actually makes a difference. This concept goes even further to include accessories like designer handbags. Women used to grab the only bag they owned, one that went with everything in their closet, dropped the necessities of the day into it, and headed out the door – no longer.

Today, it is possible to find a handbag that is not only the perfect size and shape for our needs, but one that is fashionable and carries a label that displays the carrier’s sense of style. A designer handbag is not something a woman purchases because she needs something in which to carry her necessities, it is selected to enhance a woman’s outward appearance and to make her feel pampered and special.

She is aware that she is carrying an accessory from a trendy designer that turns all who view it green with envy. When the woman realizes what an impact she is making on her public with her grand handbag, her level of confidence elevates considerably, even if she is having a bad hair day and has cat hair all over her skirt.